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Recent Works


The experiences of life and painting and observing aspects of my world accumulates as I get older. As I reflect on my childhood, upbringing, and my transition into adulthood, I can’t help but think of simpler times. As a painter, I am bombarded by the many memories that shaped me, and to this day my past propels me to be not just an artist, but as best a father as possible to my three daughters. Life today seems so complex and, to a certain degree, more contentious than ever before. As human beings we are inundated with countless distractions. Social media being the biggest culprit, we are tantalized daily to participate and engage in a network of continual dialogue. Sharing countless thoughts and imagery we are propelled to compete on this platform. As a result everyone seems grossly narcissistic. We seem to be caught up in an “All About Me” movement. 


The Selfie and the urge to capture oneself in all various aspects of daily living takes precedence, distracting us from more important duties. Subsequently, this cultural phenomena has pushed my practice of painting to portraiture, specifically individual self, and those I’m closest too—family and friends—and paint that instantaneous emotional response. Keeping in mind contemporary painter, Chuck Close, and his early photo-realistic portrait paintings, my current work is a response to the Selfie, and an attempt to understand the necessity to expose and reveal oneself on social media. 







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